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Grow Up Together

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We are the Panda Youngsters, the youth department of KAS Eupen. Our professionals have been playing in the Jupiler Pro League since 2016 and have firmly established themselves among the 24 Belgian professional clubs. To get there one day, and to achieve the best possible as a soccer player, that is our goal!

To achieve this, we train week after week under the guidance of our competent coaches. With three to four training sessions per week, we work of course performance-oriented, but the joy of soccer and the family atmosphere, where one is there for the other and the sport is always practiced in mutual respect, are important to us.

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Our stadium and training grounds at Kehrweg in Eupen are located in the heart of the Euregio, practically at the intersection of the border triangle of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Here we and our families are at home, here we meet to play soccer together.

At the Panda Youngsters, our individual sporting talents and personality are developed further. Both are closely linked for us. A soccer player is only a strong player if, in addition to his athletic potential, he also possesses character, assertiveness and personality, which he also uses in the service of his teammates.

Determination and the will to win are important prerequisites for every youngster who wants to be successful in sports. This is demanded and encouraged in the Panda Youngsters.

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The Panda Youngsters stand for athletic development in an environment that is family-oriented, multilingual, multicultural, respectful and friendly. Together we want to grow and pull ourselves up to the pros.

From the U7s to the U21s, our training sessions are varied and age-specific and follow the latest findings in training theory. Our graduate coaches and trainers are fully committed and attend advanced training courses year after year at soccer clubs that are international leaders in youth development.

In order to make the transition from the youth level first to the U21s and then to the professionals possible, KAS Eupen has created additional offers in recent years such as individual support for the top talents, the creation of a talent team and training sessions with the coaching staff of the professional team.

How successful the Panda Youngsters can develop at KAS Eupen, we have proven in the season 2021-2022. In Elite 2, all our teams have become champions or runners-up, with no less than 4 championship titles for the U13, U15, U16 and U21. Add to that three nominations of players from our Panda Youngsters to the U16 national team, player contracts for some of our greatest talents and the development of Boris Lambert and Gary Magnée. Trained with us, the two have developed into regular players in our professional team, leading us to see the prospects for the best of our Panda Youngsters.

The Panda Youngsters invite you and your parents to get to know our family environment, to visit KAS Eupen and to sign up for one of our training sessions. This way you will discover how we train and play. How we live our motto day by day: Grow Up Together!