Ballsportschule 180530 (66)

The ball sports school is a joint project of the Eupen clubs KAS, FC and KTSV Eupen. The sports, exercise and leisure offer for children aged 3-5 years has become firmly established since its creation 4 years ago.

The courses for pre-school kids are usually fully booked, so it is advisable to register in good time as soon as the starting signal for the next edition appears. The courses take place during 16 weeks on Wednesdays between 15.30 and 16.30 as well as 16.30 and 17.30 in the sports hall of the Municipal Primary School Unterstadt SGU A maximum of 50 boys and girls (= 25 per hour) can be accepted.

Motor skills and the joy of movement

The aim of the ball sports school is to promote the children’s enjoyment of movement and to introduce them to handling the ball in a playful way. Sports and good humor, sweating and laughing are on an equal footing in the ball sports school. The lessons are led by certified sports teachers. Occasionally, there are small surprise events, such as a visit from Eupi.