Sulayman Marreh definitely moves from FC Watford to KAS Eupen

Gambian international Sulayman Marreh will also play for KAS Eupen in the coming season. KAS Eupen has drawn the purchase option in the contract with FC Watford and committed Sulayman Marreh until 30 June 2021. Sulayman Marreh is 23 years old, 13-time international Gambia player and joined KAS Eupen last summer on loan from FC Watford.

As a defensive midfielder, Sulayman Marreh immediately secured a place in the KAS Eupen starting eleven and has played 21 games for KAS Eupen so far this season.

KAS Director General Christoph Henkel is delighted about the extension of the cooperation with Sulayman Marreh: “Sulayman joined us as a young player at the age of 22 and has integrated himself perfectly into the team and the club. He was one of our top performers this season and helped us to secure our place in the Pro League at an early stage and to compete in the highest class again next year. We are delighted that Sulayman Marreh has chosen for KAS Eupen. With him, we can build on a strong and reliable midfielder”.