Talent base training

In September 2014, KAS Eupen launched a unique programme in conjunction with the East Belgian Football Association (IFDG). Once the cooperation agreements with all German-speaking clubs in Belgium had been signed, the two partners launched their talent base project. Providing additional training for top talents from all clubs in the region, the trainings take place at two different venues in the German-speaking Community: in the south in Amel and in the north in Kelmis.

In these two camps, the region’s top U9 – U14 players are given additional training once a week. Professional coaches help the youngsters improve their techniques, coordination and speed. Matches against other select teams or teams from a higher category are organised on a regular basis. Through their participation in these camps and matches, the youngsters are given the opportunity to develop their skills at a high level, without having to travel long distances. In this way, the KAS Eupen and IDFG training camps contribute greatly to the consistent promotion of the region’s footballers. Participation in the training camps is free of charge for players and their clubs.

The project is headed by base coordinator Bernd Rauw. The training sessions last 75-90 minutes each and are held by the qualified youth coaches Bernd Rauw, Sascha Sarlette, Zoran Horvath, Simon Lambertz and Torsten Gäbel.


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