Statement by KAS Eupen

The Flemish daily newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” reports in its Tuesday issue on alleged bets made by players against, and therefore to the detriment of, KAS Eupen.

These rumours came to the attention of KAS Eupen in the days leading up to the game against Mouscron. The club reacted immediately to clarify the actual situation. KAS Eupen therefore commissioned the company Federbet, recognised as the official body observing discrepancies in sports betting, to monitor all bets on the game between KAS Eupen and Excel Mouscron. Federbet did not detect any irregularities before, during or after the match, and stated this in its report to KAS Eupen.

In general, and especially before the game against Mouscron, KAS Eupen has instructed its players to adhere strictly to the rules concerning participation in sports betting and not to bet on matches involving their own team and league. KAS Eupen supports any measures to shine a light on irregularities in sports betting.