SAVE It-Workshop at FC Eupen

20 FC Eupen coaches took part in the first workshop of the EU supported project SAVE It last week. The aim was to shed more light on “values in sport”. The aim of the Europe-wide initiative is to use sport to promote values such as respect, order, camaraderie and coexistence and to establish them as positive behavior among sports enthusiasts.

KAS Eupen is one of the central partners of SAVE It and has now started the practical implementation of the project with the training of trainers on site. In addition to basic information about the project and the goals of the initiative, the FC Eupen coaches dived into practical group work at the workshop. Experiences from working with children and young people, but also with parents and other trainers were exchanged. Values in sport could also be experienced in small team tasks and produced one or the other obstacle driver.

After a short snack and with a lot of fun and enthusiasm the participants entered the final part of the program. Stefan Wetzel and Mario Kohnen, who were responsible for the project in Eupen, finally gave an insight into the innovative way in which values are communicated. Values from real life are translated by the trainer into play skills within a video game, which offers the children an incentive to change their behavior in a positive and sustainable way in real life.

Over the next few months, SAVE It will now offer trainer workshops with an e-learning share of 70% for trainers, parents and club managers who are interested in a certificate “Values in Sport – Trainer”.