Raoul Kenne forced to stop training

Heart problems: Raoul Kenne forced to stop training

KAS Eupen’s Cameroonian full-back Raoul Kenne has been forced to stop training this week due to heart rhythm problems. The ban was announced by the KAS medical team under team doctor Dr Bertrand Vanden Bulck.

Since his medical check-up at the start of the season, during which heart rhythm problems were diagnosed for the first time, Raoul Kenne has been under constant medical observation. KAS Eupen’s team doctor is also in regular contact with such famous sports cardiologists as Dr. Heidbüchel and Dr. Demanez. As Raoul Kenne’s condition had improved to a stable level, the player had been allowed to start training again and to slowly get used to playing with the U21 and first team, all the time under medical observation. No anomalies were observed during this period, and Raoul Kenne was able to celebrate his comeback to first division football.

However, anomalies were twice recorded this week, forcing him to stop training immediately. Dr Bertrand Vanden Bulck gave a formal statement, saying: “With these symptoms, it would have been irresponsible to allow him to continue training at this level. As regards the future, we’ll be discussing this with Raoul Kenne in the next few days.”