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First aid

Below is a list of common football injuries:

Fair play

The youth department calls on parents to uphold fair play.

What we all want to see: Young footballers running around the pitch after the ball, and really enjoying their weekly match or training. Coaches doing their best to coach the youngsters at their level. Referees who referee a game as best as they can; and a mass of parents on the side-line enjoying watching their children and enthusiastically cheering them on.

That’s the ideal picture of KAS Eupen’s youth department. “But unfortunately we keep on seeing completely different scenes on the side-line. Angry parents admonishing their children, telling then what to do, showing little respect for the opponents and generally making refereeing difficult”, said Ralph Thomassen, head of the youth department. One of the jobs of the youth department is to counteract this. Youth coaches are instructed to coach in a calm and prudent manner. “Everybody involved should be guided by the fair play principle. We have to work together to foster fair play, thereby enabling young players to develop in a positive way”, said Thomassen.

But what is an ideal footballer parent? “KAS Eupen would like to see committed fathers and mothers on the side-line, encouraging and motivating their children. Criticism of unsuccessful moves only serves to further unsettle the children and limit their creativity”, said the chairman of the youth department. Footballers need a clear head to give their best. “Parents should respect the decisions of the coaches, understanding that coaches are there not just for their son but for the whole team”, added Thomassen. Any discussions with a coach should never take place in the heated atmosphere immediately after a match. It’s much better to wait a few days, and then discuss any matters with the coach in a calm atmosphere. “Our youth coaches are told to explain decisions to parents, but not to justify them. In this respect, the coaches and coordinators have the full backing of the youth committee.”

In addition, the youth department requests parents to attach great importance to punctuality and to have their children regularly attend training sessions. Any school-related issues or problems with other people should be discussed quickly and openly with those concerned, allowing children to attend training without being weighed down by worries. Parents should also try and make a positive contribution by offering youth delegates and coaches their help. In the course of a season, there are countless opportunities to support the teams. “Taking their children to first-team matches and savouring the atmosphere of a 1st Division match in our new Kehrweg Stadium is obviously something that kids will love. Our only wish is that parents support the sports activities of their children without thinking that their child is destined to become the next Ronaldo.”

Excerpt from the October 2010 issue of the AS Journal