• The efforts of all involved are directed towards the overall development of the youngsters.
  • Each youngster is to be promoted in line with his/her talents and possibilities.
  • Every player up to U16 is to be given the opportunity of playing for at least 50% of match time during a month.
  • Parents, staff and coaches abide by fair play rules and act as an example for the youngsters, in particular vis-à-vis referees and guest teams.
  • We support positive emotions as a sine qua non for successful learning.
  • Sports decisions are taken solely by the coach in conjunction with the sporting management.
  • Meetings with parents take place as and when necessary during the week, not on match days.
  • Our work is based on respect for others and for their performance, irrespective of origin, race and religion.
  • We promote youngsters’ independence and personal responsibility.