KAS youngsters exchanging with Japanese Kobe region

International encounters with young players from Japan are on the agenda for the KAS Eupen youth department these days. Last week KAS Eupen hosted a selection team from the Kobe region. From 20 to 28 March, the KAS Eupen U18 team will take part in an international invitational tournament in Japan.

Meeting Yuta Toyokawa

As part of a trip through Germany and Belgium, the Hyogo Football Team from Kobe visited KAS Eupen and Sint-Truiden VV last week. At a reception at the Ambassador Hotel, KAS professional Yuta Toyokawa had not missed the opportunity to meet his young compatriots. In addition to a presentation by KAS youth department leaders Mario Kohnen and Ralph Thomassen, the sportive meeting of KAS Eupen youngsters with their Japanese guests was part and parcel of the overall program.

Speed football

A total of three sessions of 45 minutes each were played on the artificial turf pitch of the Kehrweg Stadium with mixed U16-U18 teams. The guests from Team Hyogo Football Association offered the typical Asian speed football and won the Belgian-Japanese comparison by a narrow margin of one goal.

As president of the common youth department of KAS and FC Eupen, Ralph Thomassen was impressed by the performance of the Japanese guests in Eupen: “This young regional team plays a very fast action-orientated football. In addition, there is an outstanding discipline, both on the pitch and during the entire course of this interesting encounter.”

KASE U18 from 20-28 March in Kobe

It is no coincidence that the youth teams from Japan are seeking contact with Belgium. The good youth work of both, the clubs and the association, as well as the successes of the Red Devils have also aroused interest in Japan. In a few days the KAS Eupen U18 team will take part in the invitational tournament in Kobe together with three Japanese teams and the Bundesliga team of FC Augsburg. At the special request of the hosts, the coaches and players of KAS Eupen will also present a public training session as part of the supporting program of the tournament and give an insight into a typical Belgian training unit.

From 20 to 28 March, the KAS Eupen delegation with 16 players and 5 coaches will be visiting Japan.