KAS fan talk on the current situation in Belgian football

The investigations carried out by the judicial authorities and the accusations made against different stakeholders have shaken Belgian football. The call for renewal is growing louder and louder. This issue will be taken up by the next KAS Eupen fan talk on Wednesday, 7 November at 7:30 PM in Café Penalty. The focus will be on looking ahead and searching for future-minded solutions.

The fan talk will kick off with a short panel discussion between UEFA match observer and former referee Jean-Francois Crucke, the chairman of the Eupen Red Devils Fan Club Alain Brock and KAS Director General Christoph Henkel.

The panel members will explain their point of view from the perspective of the club, the supporters and the referees. Afterwards KAS fans will have the opportunity to voice their opinion and ask questions.

Admission to the KAS fan talk is free. A cordial invitation to KAS fans and all those interested in football.