KAS Eupen loses 2-4 in Lokeren

The U21 teams of Sporting Lokeren and KAS Eupen faced each other in a very important match with regard to the Play Off 1 series of Reserve 1A. On this occasion, both clubs had strengthened their teams with some players from the A squad.

Eupen found their way into this game swiftly and forced some dangerous situations without being able to convert them into goals. After a controversial corner, Lokeren opened the score in the 17th minute. Eupen tried to react, but after a loss of ball, the hosts could raise the score in the 32nd minute to 2-0. That was also the half-time result.

KAS Eupen started well into the 2nd half, but Lokeren scored their 3rd goal after a deflected shot: 3-0 for Sporting, so this seemed to be the knockout for KAS. But the team of Angel Cortes and Sébastien Aritz did not give in and rebelled again. With success, Yvan Yagan managed to pull off the 1-3 in the 52nd minute. Eupen was back in the game and drew new hope. But in the 66th minute, the referee cancelled a goal from Nils Schouterden due to a supposed offside position. Nonetheless, four minutes later, Megan Laurent scored 3-2, and KAS Eupen were now playing at full risk, albeit unable to score another goal. Instead, Lokeren finished a counterattack in the 92nd minute to set the final score at 4-2.

Too bad for KAS Eupen who deserved a point because of their goal chances.

KAS Eupen: Tom Roufosse, Ayoub El Harrak, Simon Libert, Nils Schouterden, Megan Laurent, Alessio Castro Montes, Samuel Essende, Yvan Yagan, Ahmed Homam Elamin, Pierre Weijnjes, Boris Lambert.

IN: Adel Bourard (80min), Marciano Aziz (89min).

OUT: Ahmed Homam Elamin (80min), Pierre Weijnjes (89min).

Gelbe Karte: Boris Lambert.

Tore: (1-0); (2-0); (3-0); Yvan Yagan (3-1); Megan Laurent (3-2); (4-2).

Next match: Monday, 3rd December on the artificial turf pitch of Kehrweg Stadium at 7:30 pm against league leaders Club Bruges