KAS Eupen celebrates solidarity at the tournament with Eupi

This year, KAS Eupen has again supported the national kick-off day of the Belgian Football Association. A total of 70 teams with players of all ages attended the FC Rupel Boom complex to participate in the country’s largest tournament for people with a physical or mental disability.

Supported by representatives from all the professional clubs, the jerseys of clubs from the first and second league appeared and everyone enjoyed an extraordinary day. Special attention was paid to Eupi, KAS Eupen’s mascot. The huge cuddly bear provided a popular photo opportunity and was pretty much besieged at times for selfies, hugs and autographs.

In the knowledge that they had made many people happy on Sunday, the delegation of KAS Eupen comprising team manager Michael Radermacher, marketing manager André Palm and Eupi made the homeward journey from Boom to Eupen after about three hours.