KAS Eupen celebrates promotion into D1

For KAS Eupen the dream of promotion to the D1 has come true after all.  With the decision of the CBAS sport tribunal not to license White Star Brussels for the 1A and 1B professional leagues, D2 vice-champion KAS Eupen climbs into  Division 1. On Friday evening, the message from Brussels spread rapidly,  attracting KAS Eupen players and fans to the Penalty clubhouse.  In a relaxed atmosphere a spontaneous party ran until the early morning hours. The fans cheered on the team with their congratulations and their traditional Humba song.  The relief of reaching promotion after such a difficult season was huge, including for head coach Jordi Condom. “Who would have thought we’d still make it?” asked Jordi Condom, letting his joy run wild.  “This promotion is the result of a great team effort to which all the players in the squad, my colleagues from the coaching staff, our support staff and the whole club have contributed. Let me thank them all warmly for this. For the team it’s a great challenge and a great opportunity to play in the next season in D1.” The fans too are looking forward to the season in the D1 and the away games of the D1 teams.  “No more second division”, fans chanted on the terrace of the Penalty in the warm spring night. KAS Director Christoph Henkel received many congratulations for promotion of ‘his’ KAS Eupen and thanked all who had made this success possible through their commitment and hard work. “For KAS Eupen this is a great success to climb into D1 and to be included among the country’s 16 best teams. This is a difficult task, which we’re looking forward to.  This weekend we’re celebrating and from next Monday we set to work meet this challenge with all we’ve got.”