Final Workshop of EU Project SAVE It

Those responsible and the participants in the EU project SAVE It, which promotes values in sport, presented the results of their work at a concluding workshop in Léon, Spain. As Belgian partner of the initiative, KAS Eupen was and is essentially responsible for quality assurance.

In 2½ years participants in the SAVE It project have developed training materials, an e-learning platform and a video game during many working hours. It teaches values in sport and sensitizes children and young people to issues such as respect, a sense of community, order and a healthy lifestyle.

Participation welcome

The pilot projects involving FC Eupen and its youth coaches, among others, have now been completed. The tool, including the materials, is now available to everyone. No matter whether school or sport association – those interested can make themselves an idea under and express their interest for the training program. In addition to the training materials on the e-learning platform, there will also be practical workshops on the subject of “values in sport” and how to communicate them, if there is a sufficient number of participants or upon request.

A Best Practice Guide shows various successful projects from all over Europe and offers support and ideas for practical implementation.

KAS Eupen wants to establish SAVE It

The SAVE It representatives would be delighted if as many users as possible were now to take a look at the website and discuss values. KAS Eupen endeavors to establish these values also in its training sessions and with corresponding further training offers for the trainers.