Eupi’s explanations videos

Eupi’s explanations videos

Dear fans,

I was the first one to have a look at the Ticket-Onlineshop and I thought that I would like to support you with the introduction. That’s why I created some video clips for you. In the videos you can see, how to link your existing customer account with an e-mail address or how to create a new customer account if you are not yet a customer.

I hope that my videos will help you and I am looking forward to welcoming you to the stadium.

Catch you later,



  1.  Here I show you how you can register as a new customer to buy tickets in our new Ticket-Onlineshop:

  1. Here I show you how to get access to your already existing customer account in the ticket system, if you are already a season ticket holder or bought tickets in advance at our box office and you gave your e-mail address to my colleagues from the ticketing department, then this point applies to you. Even if you have never entered a password for your account yourself, you have to click on the button “Forgot password” to get your first password. Please remember to change your password to a new one, security is important

  1. Here I show you what you have to do, if you are a season ticket holder and want to link your customer account with an e-mail address, because you are registered in the ticket system, but you haven’t entered an e-mail address so far:

  1. Here I show you how you can buy tickets in the ticket-onlineshop. It’s very easy, you only need a few clics.