Eupi audience favourite at the Kick-Off

The country’s largest football tournament for people with mental or physical disabilities was held on Sunday on the sports facility of the Flemish club KSK Maldegem.

About 70 teams took part in the 9th edition of the famous Kick Off tournament. As part of their social commitment, the Belgian Football Association and the 24 clubs of the Pro League A and B support the event. For the KAS Eupen, mascot Eupi and media employee Jessica Loo took part in the event.

Once again, Eupi proved to be the absolute darling of the audience. The black and white panda bear of the KAS Eupen was constantly surrounded by beaming children and adults. Patiently Eupi posed for many, many Selfies and embraced his fans. Also a dance with Anderlecht mascot Ketje Eupi did not miss. In the social media he now waves to the people through the contributions of the participants to the kick off.

This year again, Wim Smet, Wesley Alen, and Eric Lambrechts, some of the highest ranking referees of the football association, put themselves at the service of the good cause and led the matches of the Kick Off tournament. Boubacar Barry, alias ‘Copa’, was also a prominent guest. The 38-year-old goalkeeper now plays for OHL Leuven and in the course of his career has made it to almost 100 appearances for the national team of the Ivory Coast.

The Kick-Off Day has been organized for 9 years now. The meeting at the beginning of September has become an integral part of the Belgian Football Association’s calendar.