KAS EUPEN grows together with its partners as a club to achieve the best possible goals and to ensure the sustainability of the club.

Above all, the idea of performance, fair play, continuous development in the form of training or learning from defeats are among the main drivers of KAS EUPEN.

Do you already see parallels with your company?

Following the motto “Grow Up Together”, KAS EUPEN would like to continue to promote joint growth in the form of partnerships. Participate as a company in sports and differentiate yourself from competitors in your industry.

Companies pursue different communication goals to expand their reach and awareness on a regional, national or international level.

At this point we are of course available to companies to work out a suitable package of rights and services around the KAS Eupen.

Here, KAS EUPEN offers a variety of partnership opportunities and at the same time is open for joint, innovative projects.

Define WhoWeAre together with us and check out our ⇒ BOOKLET ⇐ for more details!

Feel free to contact us with any interest, ideas or questions:

William Pesch
Hütte 79, 4700 Eupen

André Palm
Hütte 79, 4700 Eupen